Uber Incentive Plan for Delhi & NCR | January 2017

Fare Plan :
Greetings Delhiites, 
Uber has recently revised incentive plan for Delhi-NCR. This will be live until further notice.
Incentive plans seems promising (when you compare with Bangalore) as Surge is still there in Delhi-NCR, which will help reaching targets early.
Lets compare the plans with that of Bangalore.
Incentive Plan | Bangalore
     Earnings         BG
Incentive Plan | Delhi-NCR
     Earnings        BG

One shortcoming with Delhi plan is the absence of mid incentive plan of 1450 (as in case of Bangalore), So you have to drive more to reach next target after reaching 1283 plan.

Dear ***** Special EARNING based incentive on UBER for your vehicle *******.

a) Get Rs. 11000 BG for Rs 3500 Fare (Rs. 2642 earnings)

b) Get Rs. 8500 BG for Rs 2900 Fare (Rs. 2189 earnings) 

c) Get Rs. 6000 BG for Rs 2300 Fare (Rs. 1736 earnings) [Recommended by us]

d) Get Rs. 4000 BG for Rs 1700 Fare (Rs. 1283 earnings)

e) Get Rs. 2500 BG for Rs 1100 Fare (Rs. 830 earnings)

f) Get Rs. 1100 BG for Rs 600 Fare (Rs. 453 earnings)

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

Trip Plan :
Few of the Delhi Drivers have the following incentive plan:

Dear ##########, aap ke liye JYADA PEAK TIME aur Rs11,000 ki MBG ka special incentive scheme! Iss Prakar hai Aapka Incentive:
1) Business Guarantee: 
- Rs 11000: 19 total trips (16 peak trips)
- Rs 8800: 17 total trips (14 peak trips) 
- Rs 5200: 13 total trips (10 peak trips)
- Rs 3800: 10 total trips (9 peak trips)
PEAK TIME: 6AM se 12PM aur 4PM se 10PM.

ACCEPTANCE RATE more than 90%.
Toll will be excluded
There should be no complaints and no fraud duty.
NOTE: DAILY EARNING is amount shown on GREEN BAR in EARNINGS tab. T&C Apply. 

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  1. Hi

    There many drivers on Delhi still on the trip plan. Not sure how uber is sending out plans but our basic research on speaking with 4 drivers was uber go drivers have earning plan and uber x drivers have trip plan,

    This was the plan for one of our drivers
    Dear xoxoxoxo, aap ke liye JYADA PEAK TIME aur Rs11,000 ki MBG ka special incentive scheme! Aapka 09 August Incentive:
    1) Business Guarantee:
    - Rs 11000: 19 total trips (16 peak trips)
    - Rs 8800: 17 total trips (14 peak trips)
    - Rs 5200: 13 total trips (10 peak trips)
    - Rs 3800: 10 total trips (9 peak trips)
    PEAK TIME: 6AM se 12PM aur 4PM se 10PM.
    2) Rs 13/km + base fare + Rs1/Min ki ashwasit kamai.
    CONDITIONS: 90% acceptance, 0 Cancellation, 0 complaint, 20% commission -Uber Delhi

  2. What about if customer file false complaint ? or how to know that customer filled any complainant or Uber is deducting making fool by saying that we received complaint against you ?
    In India customer very rarely give good rating for good service because either they don't have much time to do all that or they don't think it is anything to do with them, but if a driver did a small mistake than the customer surely give bad ratings. So my advise to UBER that they must think about rating system, because customers gve good rating only once in a while but they don't forget to rate if they experience even a minor fault, so due to that driver cant able to reach the incentive level if Uber take such a strict view on incentive plans, Please raise voice to solve this issue and give drivers also a level playing field, thanks....

  3. Do uber changes its incentive plan periodically??
    Should it be benifical for me to apply for cdl and buy a new car??

  4. Yeah you can say that. But that doesn't make it less profitable or something. Yeah if you want to drive by yourself, you should apply for cdl.

  5. Ok, thank you.
    But can you tell me how much will i earn if i attach car to uber go??

  6. You can check it by yourself.
    Lets say you target 6000 BG for Rs 2300 Fare (Rs. 1736 earnings).
    You will earn 4500 a day.
    If not that, you can easily reach Rs. 4000 BG for Rs 1700 Fare (Rs. 1283 earnings)
    Which amounts to 3000 earning a day.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. What if my fares lie between 2 slabs?? For eg, what if i do rs 2000 as fare? What amount would land in my pocket?

  9. Hi Dushyant, if you lie between two BG slabs. You will only be qualified for the previous BG.
    Thats why it is advisable to stop driving once you reach your target BG. The extra amount what ever you get will go to Uber's pocket.

  10. Correct me if i am wrong....according to the slabs above...if i do daily ride of 2000 ... i will still only get 4000(which is of 1700 BG) and 300 go to Uber's Pocket?

    1. Yes, What ever extra, goes to Uber. You are right.

  11. Hi
    I am planning to stat a venture with Uber. But does Uber or Ola have taken off trip plan ?

  12. Bhuwnesh
    Is Uber and Ola still give trip incentives plan in new delhi ?

  13. Ola Still has trip plan. For few cities, Uber too has trip plan. From which city you are from ?

  14. Hi,
    Sorry I could not understand term "BG" and then earnings.can you please explain in more easy language with some example ? Thanks.

  15. Does Uber provide BG for Uber commute drivers in Delhi NCR ?

    1. Currently Uber is not having any incentive structure till now for Uber commute partner's.

  16. i want to run my cab maximum hours in day ( say 18 hours), can i drive with 2 drivers with 1 cab from 6am to 11pm .

  17. Hello Vaibhav,
    Please read this post on "Can I have multiple drivers driving the same car in shifts in Uber or Ola ?"

  18. Hello everyone,
    In delhi NCR the new company is launching just like ola and uber. And you are suprised about this, that they are taking the lowest commision of 5% on every ride, that means the driver gets 95% of the whole fare and that company gets only 5%....

  19. Hello everyone,
    The new company is launching just like ola and uber soon...and you will suprised that this company is giving lowest ever commission i.e. 5%. That means that driver gets 95% of the trip and that company gets only 5% of that trip...... Good by ola and uber your new challenger is comming soon....

  20. What is the company name?

  21. If i give my car to a driver and if he drives for 12 hours a day how much would he earn.....


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