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1- How can I start and what are the things I need to take care of if I own a car of my own?

Please refer this article for detailed attachment procedure

If you hire driver for your car you need to monitor him to ensure you are not getting cheated

Read here how can you track ypur driver in different ways.

2- What are the steps for getting registered with Uber and what background checks are performed for the driver and the car owner and how cumbersome are they?

3- Is there any startup fee that one has to give to uber or any kind of collateral for sticking with them.

To answer this question straight a way. NO. There is none. You are your own boss.

4- Can I operate in other cities after starting, Let's say after 2-3 months of  working in Delhi , Can I move to Bangalore or somewhere else?

For this I have asked an uber official. He said you will need to re attach in the new city to which you have moved.

5- What are the practical difficulties in renting your vehicle for this uber service and any suggestions how can one overcome that?

Lot of difficulties my driver faces in daily basis from drunk riders, some because of UBER Pool issues. Others related to fare posed by Uber to the riders.
You need to constantly in touch with uber support so that it won't affect your overall rating. Nothing can be done to stop this. This is a part of the business.

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  1. Do car owners get a separate ID to track the drivers under them ? For example, if I have 3 cars being driven by 3 drivers, can I monitor them using one master account in Uber ?


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