How Uber Pool and Ola Share works

Everything You Wanted To know About Sharing a ride.

Traffic. We’ve all complained about it. But what can we do? Work from home as an option is not really catching up nor is living closer to the workplace going to be as easy as the real estate ads want you to believe.

But there is one thing you could do – share your rides.  The math is simple- if more people are traveling in the same direction in their personal car, cab, or auto – share their daily rides, the fewer number of vehicles there will be on the roads. 

Fewer cars, less traffic, lower CO2 emissions – the path to traffic-free bliss doesn’t look that unattainable now, does it? 

Uber Pool / Ola Share is fast becoming the ride of choice for the conscientious single everyday commuter.

If you haven’t tried Uber Pool / Ola Share yet, we understand your apprehensions of sharing a ride. This video should answer all questions you have. Watch and learn.

Step 1: Enter your exact location

Step 2Your fare is displayed upfront. And It’s fixed.

Step 3: It’s going to be a slightly longer ride.

Step 4: You can bring a friend- book two seats in one ride

Step 5: You’ll only be matched with people on your route

Step 6: Applaud yourself- you’ve done your bit for a greener environment

Watch the full video here demonstrating Ola Share
An anonymous Chinese proverb also claims that ride-sharing can help you improve your social quotient and help you make more friends. But don’t hold us accountable for that.
What do you think?  Will ride -sharing help reduce the traffic in your city? Or it is too much trouble? Comment here your views

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