Ola Incentive Plans | June 2017

Dear Ola Driver Partner, the below incentive plan will be applicable until further notice :
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There are two types of incentive plan currently running by Ola in Different cities.

1. Based on Number of bookings :

Dear ######## 

Why Pay 25% commission when you can work with Ola at LOWEST Commission(20%) and get HIGHEST DEMAND, HIGHEST INCENTIVE to ensure HIGHEST EARNING for your Ola car ######## Daily MBG scheme specially for you is :

a) Earn 6200 MBG for 19+ Ola bookings

b) Earn 5500 MBG for 17 Ola bookings

c) Earn 4900 MBG for 15 Ola bookings

d) Earn 3300 MBG for 11 Ola bookings 

e) Earn 1700 MBG for 8 Ola bookings 

f) Earn 1400 MBG for 6 Ola bookings 

Extended Peak timings: 7 AM - 11 AM and 4 PM - 12 Midnight T&C

Condition : At least 3 peak bookings between 5 PM to 10 PM

Use code ZBA9H4 to buy a Share Pass to get ₹50 Ola Money on your first Pass ride.

Get an Ola ride for free, use this code : 4M2MDX while signing up

2. Based on Earning :
a) Earn 6000 MBG for 3100+ Operator Bill

b) Earn 5200 MBG for 2700 Operator Bill

c) Earn 4500 MBG for 2400 Operator Bill

d) Earn 3000 MBG for 1900 Operator Bill

e) Earn 2100 MBG for 1300 Operator Bill

f) Earn 1500 MBG for 800 Operator Bill

Operator Bill considered for MBG Slab for rental package will depend on ride time.

Condition : Minimum 4 bookings daily

Use code ZBA9H4 to buy a Share Pass to get ₹50 Ola Money on your first Pass ride.

Get an Ola ride for free, use this code : 4M2MDX while signing up

Click here forUber Lucknow incentive Plan

Ola Cabs Incentive Plan for all other Indian cities

Note :
Similar plans are running for following cities :
1. Ola Incentive Plan for Bangalore 

2. Ola Incentive Plan for Delhi & NCR 
3. Ola Incentive Plan for Mumbai 
4. Ola Incentive Plan for Kolkata
Ola Incentive Plan for Chennai
6. Ola Incentive Plan for Hyderabad
Ola Incentive Plan for Bhubaneswar
8. Ola Incentive Plan for Pune 

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  1. Which city is this for? Kolkata?

    1. yes, it is already mentioned in the note section

  2. Is there any information about Hyderabad?

  3. Is there incentive plan under Ola Leasing scheme

  4. how many trips does a driver makes in Hyderabad (Need real exp from drivers or partner)

  5. Yes Khan, all the incentive plans of Ola are also applicable to Leased vehicles, just that you need to give part of your earning towards leasing fee every week.

  6. What will we earn if we do 7 or 8 booking on 1 day....? Will i get earning of 9 booking or earning of 6 bookings....?

  7. MBG in Ola means Minimum Business Guarantee (Similar to BG - Business Guarantee of Uber)
    For details how Business Guarantee works read it here :

  8. Sir , is this the plan for OLA MINI too.

  9. if i manage to get 12 trips then what about the trip earnings
    trip earnigs +incentives

    or only incentives

  10. If you do 1200 trips in a day, You will get 3700 MBG. So you should get 2960. All your trip earning goes to Ola and You get 2960 in hand.

  11. If I put 2 drivers and both of them (combined) do 18 trips in a span of 24 hrs, will I get the complete incentive, i.e., 6400?

    1. Please read this to clarify your doubts : http://www.uberguru.in/2016/08/can-i-have-multiple-drivers-driving.html

  12. If i have 2 drivers for one car, and one does 8 trips, 4 being peak and the other driver does the same, all in 24 hours. Am i eligible for the incentive?

    1. Please read this to clarify your doubts : http://www.uberguru.in/2016/08/can-i-have-multiple-drivers-driving.html

  13. For 12,15 or 18 bookings how many bookings should be done in the peak hours so as to get the above mentioned MGP?

  14. hello, how much incentives ola offer per trip as per December 2016?

  15. To qualify for incentives, one needs to do minimum 6 trips.

  16. Is there different incentive structure for different vehicles with same brand and model?

  17. if i did not get 6 bookings in a day then how ola will pay me? if i am online for 10 hours in a city like mumbai, is it possible to get less than 6 rides? please reply..

  18. i have wagonR 2010 model, Kerala registration. can it be attach to uber

  19. Hi,
    Is MBG/BG of OLA and UBER still available or not? I am interested in it.
    Or any other scheme through which I can earn good. Which is the best plan for earning in OLA & OBER CABS.

    Please suggest me.



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