Uber Incentive Plan | July 2016

Earning Plan (Live right now for all):

Dear ***** Special EARNING based incentive on UBER for your vehicle *******. 

a) Get Rs. 7000 BG for Rs. 2280 earnings

b) Get Rs. 6500 BG for Rs. 1900 earnings

c) Get Rs. 6000 BG for Rs. 1670 earnings  [ Recommended By Us ]

d) Get Rs. 5100 BG for Rs. 1370 earnings

e) Get Rs. 3500 BG for Rs. 1140 earnings

f) Get Rs. 2400 BG for Rs. 910 earnings

g) Get Rs. 1200 BG for Rs. 460 earnings 

ACCEPTANCE RATE more than 85%.
Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax & Toll.

NOTE: DAILY EARNING is amount shown on GREEN BAR in EARNINGS tab. T&C Apply. 
Day starting now at 4AM. #JaastiTripsJaastiHana

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