Uber Incentive Plan for Hyderabad | April 2017

The following incentive plan will be applicable to Hyderabad Uberpreneurs until further notice.

You will be eligible for below incentive plans according to your performance :

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(1)   a) Get Rs. 6000 BG for Rs. 1817 earnings (2400 Fare) 
       b) Get Rs. 5200 BG for Rs. 1514 earnings  (2000 Fare)
       c) Get Rs. 4500 BG for Rs. 1363 earnings  (1800 Fare)
       d) Get Rs. 3600 BG for Rs. 1136 earnings  (1500 Fare)
       e) Get Rs. 2500 BG for Rs. 757 earnings  (1000 Fare)
        f) Get Rs. 1600 BG for Rs. 606 earnings  (800 Fare)
  ** Rs. 300 of Trips compulsory between 6 PM to 11 Pm

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

(2) Peak Hours :
     8 AM to 11 AM
     4 PM to 11 PM
     Minimum 5 trips to get Rs. 25 per KM

(3) Monday Special :
3 trips (7 AM to 12 PM) - 200 Rs extra

Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax & Toll.

Payments : Weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday (Will be credited directly to owner's bank account) 

NOTE: DAILY EARNING is amount shown on GREEN BAR in EARNINGS tab. T&C Apply.

Day starting now at 4AM. 

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  1. Hi There, basically BG for any cab aggregator (Uber / Ola) business means Business Guarantee.
    For details please refer this article :

  2. Can we attach cab in ola or Uber with out driver .I mean giving our car and they will give rent

  3. No, that is something you can't do. You need to attach along with a driver.

  4. Is the fare amount eligible for MBG inclusive of surge pricing? or should we consider only basic fare amount without surge

  5. Yes, Surge is included in calculating eligibility for incentives in Uber

  6. I'm planning to attached my indica 2012 model with driver please suggest which is better I mean ola or uber in Hyderabad

    1. I personally suggest Uber. But why take a chance, you can always attach with both see for yourself. And then continue with the one who is giving more return.

  7. Hi,
    Found a very good portal. Thanks for your contributions.
    Under "Get Rs. 6000 BG for Rs. 1817 earnings (2400 Fare)", what does the fare mean?
    Is it the amount paid by the customers only or does it include the extra incentives from Uber to driver/owner(eg. 200 extra on Monday special)?

  8. Hi Phani,
    Fare is the total amount that the driver collects from Riders (be it in cash or Paytm).
    And earning is (Fare - 25% of fare)

    1. Thanks for the very quick reply.
      Does that mean "Minimum 5 trips to get Rs. 25 per KM in Peak Hours" and "200/- extra on Monday Special" is an additional amount that Uber pays?
      Or any Terms & Conditions hidden?

    2. In case you failed to reach any incentive slab, you will still get 25 rs per km if you have done at-least 5 trips.
      Monday special is additional.

  9. So finally, if we make 2400 fare, the total amount we get from uber is?

    1. Is there any number of trips to reach for 2400?

  10. Hie iam planning to Buy Swift Dezire and attach it with uber with Driver.How much can i make per day i want to cover my EMI and Driver salary can i make it?

  11. I wanna join as a uber moto driver can I know the details how to register and what are the incentives?

  12. Get rs 6000 for rs 1817 earnings. What is this 1817 here?

  13. After deduction of Uber charge(20%) n Tax from Fare amount

  14. Hiiii bro
    I don't have a car.
    Can I jion a driver in uber


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