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How to get started with Uber or Ola with a Second hand Car

When you decide to jump into Cab Business(Uber, Ola, Meru), the first thing that comes to your mind is, Shall I start with a new one or old. Well it depends on what are your priorities. In this post I will discuss about the check list related to paper work to own a second hand vehicle.

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1) Clearance Certificate 
If buying from Karnataka (read same state), else NOC if Vehicle is from out of state.

2) Invoice
You must get the original invoice which will help you getting info about all the previous owners. Now a days after introduction of digitization, this info is very much available online too.

3) About the seller
Check if the seller is alive and shall sign the Form 29 (Transfer document)
Only after this the RC can be transferred to your name.  
4) Insurance | If Vehicle has yellow board
Check if the vehicle already has insurance and is valid for how many more months.
If the vehicle is already has a yellow board then you may continue with the same insurance if only for few months to renew.

5) Insurance | If Vehicle has white board
If you are converting a white board vehicle to Yellow board one then you have to do a new insurance after converting the vehicle to yellow board. 
You can pre-negotiate with the previous owner that you are going to cancel the previous insurance cover and the refund which the seller is going to get can be the discount amount you can negotiate.

6) Life time tax
If your are buying white board vehicle with life time tax paid and converting the same to yellow board then you get credit of the amount which was paid in excess. 
The RTO does the audit and determines the years the already paid OTT shall suffice.
The agent has to be good to get this done for you.

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Hope this helps our readers. Let me know if I missed anything.

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