Uber Incentive Plan for Kolkata | April 2017

Uber recent Incentive Plan for Kolkata is as follows :
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Daily Minimum Business Guarantee (Gross) :

a) Get Rs. 1400 BG for Rs 5 Trips

b) Get Rs. 2400 BG for Rs 9 Trips

c) Get Rs. 3200 BG for Rs 11 Trips

d) Get Rs. 4200 BG for Rs 14 Trips

e) Get Rs. 5200 BG for Rs 17 Trips

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

Time : 4 AM to 4 AM (24 hours)

To get incentives, your acceptance rate should be 85%.

So accept as much trips as possible.

There should be no complaints and no fraud duty.

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  1. What is intensive plan for Pune ?

  2. Hi,
    could you please clarify incentive plan for kolkata.
    Do you mean
    a) Get Rs. 1400 BG for 5 Trips

    b) Get Rs. 2400 BG for 9 Trips

    c) Get Rs. 3200 BG for 11 Trips

    d) Get Rs. 4200 BG for 14 Trips

    e) Get Rs. 5200 BG for 17 Trips

    If it is like above then I guess, its the worst incentive plan if i compare it with other cities!!

  3. Hey There,
    I have got feedback from few partners from Kolkata. They are able to do 20 plus rides a day for few days in a week. So basically in Kolkata you will be getting more short trips.
    So lets say one does 23 trips in a day. So BG that he will get will be 5200 (for 17 trips) + 1400 (for 5 trips) = 6,600.

    1. Hey Nihar,
      Which city is better to become a partner. Bangalore or Kolkata given that I will always stay outside? And any suggestion on how to hunt drivers for this (this seems the toughest job)?

    2. Both Kolkata and Bangalore are doing good for Uber due a Crore plus population. You may start at your convenient location

  4. I have two new vehicles Hyundai Eon. I purchased 10 days ago to attach in uber Hyderabad. But due to some problem recently I changed my mind and decided to attach in kolkata uber.

    Is Uber kolkata attaching Hyudai Eon or not ?


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