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Your Guide to 5 Star Rating in Uber/ Ola / Lyft

In this article we will discuss how to make your trip a 5 star trip always. (in Uber/ Ola / Lyft or any other cab

So trust us & follow these tips :

1. Don't ask for drop location till the time rider enters the car.

2. Keep your car clean and turn on the AC for the rider.

3. Do not share login details with your friends and family as your account can be easily manipulated once you share your details with any one from any device.

4. If you are feeling sick please don't get online and drive.

5. If you have accepted a trip please don't ask the rider to cancel the trip. It would impact your incentives as well as rating.

6. Follow the rider's direction and use Google Maps when required.

7. Please avoid talking on the phone while driving. Keep your mobile phone on silent mode.

8. Please keep some cash to pay at toll booths and some change for cash trips.

9. DO NOT ask the rider for cash if it is not cash trip.
10. Please don't speak with the rider if they don't want to.

11. Stay within the speed limit all the time and never drive rashly.

12. Don't ask the rider for 5 star rating instead give them 5 star service and you are good to get 5 stars.

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