Uber Incentive Plan for Bhubaneswar | April 2017

The following incentive plan will be applicable to Bhubaneswar Uberpreneurs until further notice.


You will be eligible for below incentive plans according to your performance :

Period 1 :
5 AM to 11 AM
For each Rs. 100 fare get BG of Rs. 150

Period 2 :

5 PM to 10 PM
For each Rs. 100 fare get BG of Rs. 180

Period 3 :
For all other times
For each Rs. 100 fare get BG of Rs. 120

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax & Toll

Payments : Weekly on Tuesday or Wednesday (Will be credited directly to owner's bank account) 

Acceptance ratio should be 85% or more.

There should be no fake duty.

NOTE: DAILY EARNING is amount shown on GREEN BAR in EARNINGS tab. T&C Apply.

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  1. Hi Nihar..any idea about the opportunities with becoming a partner in Ola or Uber in Pune & nashik ?

  2. Hi Puneet,
    In Pune things are catching now. Not sure about Nasik as in tier 2 & tier 3 cities Uber is facing hard time from local transports. But it will be profitable in the time to come.

  3. Hi Nihar I am planning to buy a new car for ubber and ola both, which car should I buy. Is Maruti Celerio OK?

    1. Yes you can go for it. It has a great mileage.

  4. Kindly correct the information , Incentive scheme in Bhubaneswar is decreased, now its 1.7 peak and 1.3 non peak. No suh 1.8 and 1.5.

  5. What is the incentive plan if somebody earns 1500 per day. How much he will get at the end of the month

  6. Hi Nihar....I am Interested to buy a new car for Uber for which i have visited the Uber office today situated nearest to Infosys but they couldn't able to provide me with the incentive structure or any idea related to this business. Can you help me?

  7. Hi Nihar..... I am Interested to buy a new car for Uber for which i have visited the office today but i couldn't get any information regarding incentive structure. Can you help me?

  8. uber connect cars is totally loss because today uber change the scheme is 100 ma 10rs incentive it totally loss why uber is taking 26 percent o0f totali fare then much a car income per day pls think about yur partner it is ver harmful then yu can a trip wise totally fixed

  9. hi this is john i have a plan buy a car for uber but i dont knw about this so please kindly someone help me

  10. Hii
    Give me some ideas about become an uber partner in Bhubaneswar.

  11. Hiii
    I want to be an uber partner in Bhubaneswar.
    Give me some ideas


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