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Amazing things being an uber/ Ola/ Lyft driver

Ultimate flexibility
An Uber driver can work as much or as little as they want. The phone/application can be turned on at any time to work and turned off just as eaily. Thus the driver creates their own schedule on the fly.

No boss overseeing
Although there is a manager/owner for the drivers who drive for others and sometimes they do give suggestions or pass on critique, for others there is no boss saying what to do and when. A driver is on their own prerogative to go where they please when they please. But yeah a drivers boss at times can be more the passengers. A driver has to maintain a good rating to get priority rides. While riders can get bossy at times, the good thing is it's not long before they are dropped off. The driver rates the passengers as well.
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Meeting new people
There are people using Uber around town for all kinds of reasons. You might find there is a general demographic; but you will encounter all types of people of all ages using Uber to get around. Every person that gets in the drivers car creates an opportunity for social interaction.

Seeing new things
As people go to different places for different reasons you will get to see neighborhoods you didn't know about, hear of new events you didn't know were going on, and become more aware of the city that you drive in.

Listening to music or news while you work
Not all jobs allow a worker to listen to the stereo while they work. Although a driver should be conscious of what sounds might disturb a rider, generally listening to the stereo is admissible.

Surge Pricing
Although getting a surge ride (an exponentially increased fare) can be elusive, it can also be lucrative. Especially for big events and holidays; Surge can make the riders fare relatively expensive and the drivers shift a lot more productive for the paycheck. Drivers get 80% of the fare, regardless of the price.

Providing a welcomed service
Generally riders will be very appreciative of the services of a Driver. This can give a driver a feeling of purpose in a community. Providing a service that is both needed, and valued.

Down time
Often times there is down time while waiting for a passenger to request a ride. While on-call, the driver can spend the time as they please. This time factors into the hourly earnings performance, but it's not hard work waiting for a phone to beep.

Seeing how stupid drunk people are
It can be entertaining to see and listen to drunk people. It can also be enlightening to see how ridiculous alcohol can make a person act.

Recruitment bonuses can add to your incomeAs everyone know Uber pays referral bonus for referring a new driver to use its platform.

Many won't be aware of this fact that Uber also pays you for a recruitment bonus when you get new passengers to sign up for the service. Getting new passengers to sign up helps you and all of the other drivers in your city by increasing demand for rides. So you can create business cards that include your referral code and information about Uber to hand out to potential users, who will get a discount on their first trip when they sign up.

TIP : Use this invite code - i639fc while you sign up to be eligible to get joining bonus  when you finish taking 60 trips.

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