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Top Small Automatic Cars In India

Owning a small car is no less than bliss these days given that our roads are filled up to gills with vehicles, potholes, bumps and pedestrians. The brunt of this suffocation is exhausted by the driver as well as by your vehicle, its brakes, grips, gearboxes, tires, and each other part. Nothing unexpected, this need has cleared a wide path for programmed (read automatic) Cars. Envision how easing it will be for you and your auto when you aren't constrained to move clutch and change gears in like clockworks. We have arranged a rundown of top Small Automatic Cars In India that guarantee to reduce your every day life battles to a significant degree. These are the top small automatic cars in India for personal as well as commercial use.

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 -  Be it price, build quality, mileage, engine, power, or looks, this one rules the roost from all aspects. And the addition of AMT box to its power train was like giving final stroke to a masterpiece.
Price – Rs.3.90 lakhs onwards;
Mileage – 18 kmpl
Engine – 1.0-litre K-Series Gasoline Mill;
Transmission -5-Speed Automatic Manual Transmission;
AT Versions - VXi

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2. Maruti Suzuki Celerio – The whole story of automatic cars started from here. It raised the benchmarks for all small cars in India. The AMT box bored by its power train is a evolution link between automatic and manual transmission cars.
Price – Rs.4.35-4.65lakhs;
Mileage – 17 kmpl
Engine – 1.0-litre K-Series Petrol Engine;
Transmission – 5-Speed Automatic Manual Transmission;
AT Versions – Lxi & VXi

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3. Hyundai Grand i10 – One car that suits everybody’s tastes in terms of exteriors, interiors, engine, power, style, as well as mileage. A 4-speed AT with that just revs up the complete combination.
Price – Rs.6.22 lakhs;
Mileage – 18-25 kmpl
Engine – 1.2-litre Kappa Petrol Motor;
Transmission – 4-Speed Automatic Transmission;
AT Versions: Asta
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4. Honda Brio – An excellent choice given its compact dimensions, generous interiors, comfortable seats, and a jazzed up engine.
Price – Rs.6.31-6.78 lakhs;
Mileage – 16-19 kmpl
Engine – 1.2-litre Petrol Engine;
Transmission – 5-Speed Automatic;
AT Versions – VX, VX(O)
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5. Nissan Micra – It got its place in top automatic small cars list for its aggressive looks, funky interiors, and a fuel efficient power mill.
Price – Rs.6.93 lakhs;
Mileage – 16-19 kmpl
Engine – 1.2-litre Petrol Mill;
Transmission – CVT;
AT Versions – XV

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6. Volkswagen Polo – As if the German car maker knew this car was going to one of largest selling small cars in India. its power train has been blessed with twin-clutch automatic gearbox which means 2 AMTs are actually working together.
Price – Rs.5.33 lakhs;
Mileage – 16-20 kmpl;
Engine – 1.2-litre TDI and TSI Engines;
Transmission- Twin-clutch Automatic;
AT Versions - GT TSI Automatic
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7. Tata Nano – Tata has done a commendable job by making this car. The latest version of this small car comes equipped with a lots of new features including an optional AMT box.
Price – Rs.2.89 lakhs;
Mileage – 16-18 kmpl;
Engine – 0.6-litre Petrol Mill;
Transmission – Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT);
AT Versions – XTA
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