Can I have multiple drivers driving the same car in shifts in Uber or Ola ?

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I'm a software professional currently working in USA. I'm actually contemplating buying a car or two and drive them for uber/ola (or both) in Chennai. But I don't have any real experience or any reliable guidance who may help in this business. I find you very knowledgeable hence the questions below. Hope you won't mind answering them for me. 

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1. My understanding is that we can attach multiple cars under the same uber partner account. When Uber says that the incentive for 16 trips is 6000, should a single car make 16 trips to receive the incentive or any number of cars under same partner account can combine and contribute to complete 16 trips?

Uber Guru : Yes, you can attach multiple cars under same Uber Partner account. But When Uber says that the incentive for 16 trips is 6000, it means a single car makes 16 trips to receive incentive that too with a single driver.

2. Can I have multiple drivers driving the same car on shifts? ( is it even a good idea to have multiple drivers to try and complete as many trips as possible in a day?).

Uber Guru : I have already answered it in first question itself. Yes, you can have multiple drivers to drive your car in shifts but incentive will be calculated individually. This is because for your info Uber gives incentive for Driver's performance rather than Owner.

3. Is it possible to get 16 to 18 trips a day regularly on Uber? ( I have noticed you operate in Bangalore. You can answer it from Bangalore perspective)

Uber Guru : Yes it is possible. But any way both for Bangalore and Chennai earning plan is running. So you need not to worry about number of trips anymore. You can reach your target slot by driving for 12-15 hours. I know few guys in Chennai who are doing this.

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  1. I live in Delhi, and plan to buy a car on loan (Dezire). I also plan to hire 2 drivers who can run the car for 22-24 hrs (equally split between the two). In such a scenario, should I partner with Uber or Ola, to maximize my earnings?

    1. You may go ahead with attaching with both and see it yourself which is giving you more returns. Then continue driving with it.

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    1. Please follow this blog post : http://www.uberguru.in/2016/06/car-owner-post-h.html


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