Uber Incentive Plan for Chennai | April 2017

The following incentive plan will be applicable to Chennai Uberpreneurs until further notice.
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a) Get Rs. 5800 BG for Rs. 2000 Fare (1514 Earnings)
b) Get Rs. 4800 BG for Rs. 1750 Fare (1325 Earnings)
c) Get Rs. 3800 BG for Rs. 1400 Fare (1060 Earnings)
d) Get Rs. 2800 BG for Rs. 1000 Fare (757 Earnings)
e) Get Rs. 1800 BG for Rs. 600 Fare (455 Earnings)

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

Imp. : Earning = Fare - (Uber fee and service tax)

>> Surge fare and Long-distance fare will be part of trip amount.
>> Acceptance rate to be 90%.
>> If you don't meet acceptance rate or Trip amount Rs. 600, you will get Rs. 11/KM.
>> Uber fee is applicable on fare.
The incentive plan looks very promising as surge is still exist in Chennai and on top of that in case you failed to reach your target, you will be getting Rs 11 per KM, Great move my Uber Chennai I must say.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the information. May i know where you get the information about Business Guarantee? Is there a official site link?

  2. You can read it here, about Business Guarantee of Uber / Ola :

    1. Thank you for the response. I understand how the BG program works. But What i wanted to know was. Where do you get the details of which you posted above "The Incentive Plans were as follows :"? is there a Uber link which posts these details?

  3. rates and incentives are fine but there is something like acceptance rating where it just takes back the driver's time , energy , fuel and everything ; in which whoever blindly requests and cancel randomly for some contrast it is affecting the driver or their owner form of survival to a great extent..payments in form of paytm are not getting paid often unless or until it is intimated to the one and only running office in Alandur ,Chennai is the place where people stand for 5-6 hrs to solve their issues or (1) issue..

    1. Correct,,, but in Chennai worst BG given

  4. Hi Alice,
    I am sorry that you have faced this. Let me explain what acceptance ratio in Uber means.
    ride requests that you have accepted divided by total number of ride requests that flashed on your Uber Driver app into 100. FYI cancelled rides are not considered for calculating acceptance ratio, be it by the rider or by the driver.

    So whats the tip ? How to avoid losing Uber Driver incentives for this acceptance ratio thing?

    >> Come online only when you feel like driving. Other wise just stay offline.
    >> Let's say you are online but due to some unavoidable situation you don't want to take that ride. So just accept it and cancel it afterwards giving appropriate reason in the app.
    >> To go offline while taking a trip follow this post :

  5. I drive in chennai.but my bg is very worst.just 2slab.do1800 get 5600 do 1000 get 3000. 1800,1000 is a earning amount.

  6. Hey. Is it true that nowadays drivers and cab owners are telling that they're not making money as they were making six months ago. Is it save to invest because I want to attach a car with Ola or Uber. TIA

  7. Is it safe to attach a car with Ola or Uber. Because I heard that nowadays they're not making so much of a profit?

  8. Now in Chennai Uber changes its incentive plan. Hearafter no more MBG. For all trip we are going to get 1.4x surge price only.

  9. If you are really a true blogger and true to people you should have already mentioned that the incentives have been stopped by both the companies.

  10. So if I do 2000 on fares what would be the amount that I get on that day excluding Uber's commission (PS I will meet the acceptance rate) I don't understand what is bg that's why I am asking

  11. Hi ,
    Can u explain what is MBG and how its calculated,,,
    I can't understand the calculation.

  12. Now a day uber didn't give any incentive to their partners. We are loosing our own money for emi. How we run a cab?


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