How to check ? How much of your earning is eligible for incentives?

This question has been asked by many of our readers. As they are not getting proper incentives due to lack of awareness on the earning plans.
I will cover the same in details in this article.

Lately Uber has changed its incentive model and started considering it in an earning perspective rather than number of rides. And the new plan is more logical. Is n't it?

The more you run your car the more incentive you get. Yeah it makes more sense than trip plans.

So lets consider the following incentive plan :
a) Get Rs. 7200 BG for Rs. 2280 earnings 
b) Get Rs. 6500 BG for Rs. 1900 earnings 
c) Get Rs. 5900 BG for Rs. 1600 earnings 
d) Get Rs. 5100 BG for Rs. 1450 earnings 
e) Get Rs. 3800 BG for Rs. 1220 earnings 
f) Get Rs. 2500 BG for Rs. 910 earnings 
g) Get Rs. 1200 BG for Rs. 460 earnings 

Now how to get the info, what is the exact earning amount that is eligible for incentives.
Basically, Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax & Toll

But in the Uber partner app the amount the green Bar shows is not the exact earning which is eligible for incentives. Lets analyse the case below

As you see the green bar shows 1,508.46

But when you tap on it to go inside it, you will find the App page below.

Which clearly shows 1,508.46 also includes the toll.
It indicates that the amount listed on the green tab is actually Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax.
So the exact earning eligible for incentive is Amount on the green bar - Toll
For this case it will be 1,508.46 - 120 = 1388.46 and not 1508.46

So you need to ride more to be eligible for 1600 incentive plan for 5900 BG.

Let us know if you have any doubt on this. Happy to help !

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  1. I think calculation have problems or they are making fool, because how come they deduct two times the 24.524% (1st they deducted 24.524% on the actual Fare amount & bring down your actual Fare earned and later they again deducted 24.524% on the incentive slab from the final payable amount) This is a pure case of double taxation. If some one here is CA or accounts expert then please throw some knowledge on my raised query, Thanks in advance

    1. Then the service tax also ...no one is raising this issue or unaware of this double taxation

  2. What if there is company like uber if it cuts 10% on the total fare and the drivers get 90%. So is the driver is happy to work on this company.....

  3. why they uber collecting uber charge from both each trip and finally from MBG amount...where does the. tax return amt goes....here in Chennai the mb is 500-1200/1400-3400/1800-5400....drivers here struggle to finish even 500 after being 9 hrs online ...1400 for 16 and above hrs..1800 don't even dream about...they should detect uber charges only at mbg not Evey trip ..they purposely doing this to making sure no one reach the MBG as possible....


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