Why you should never go for Ola for Cab business !

Hello Readers !
I am writing this one out of my bad experience with Ola as a car owner.

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What is so bad about Ola?
I will keep it short and straight.
While attachment Ola official confirmed me that I will be eligible for 30,000 BG once I finish taking 60 trips. To my surprise I didn't get the incentive even after 60 trips. Visited the office. The guys in the Ola support are so unfriendly and egoistic that you will get a feel of a local RTO office. 

First I was allocated to Counter no 17.
Then after waiting in the queue for like 15 mins, the guy asked me to talk to some one else at counter 23. Then the same thing happens, after waiting in the queue for 10-15 mins he sent me to some one at counter 25. That guy refused to comment on that saying : I am not the one who looks into payment and incentive matters.
All my efforts of taking the token, waiting in the queue went in vein until I started shouting on the last guy. Then the Team Lead himself ask me the problem and I end up raising a complaint with him, that was supposed to resolve within 7 days.

Now after 10 days, I suddenly got SMS that your ticket has been resolved. When I called Ola office for the update the guy over there told me that you are not eligible for the incentive plan as the plan got over after 4 days of your attachment. So I am not eligible to get any incentive. For your info By then I have already taken 30 trips.

I mean what kind of plan is this!

Lets relate it.
I asked you "If you can eat 20 mangoes in 10 mins I will pay you 10,000 rupees, when you started eating and ate 13 mangoes in 7 mins, I will say sorry I don't want to play this game, I am really sorry. Take care!"
I mean what the f**k was that.

Ola did the same thing to me.
What do you think? Is it logical what Ola did ?
Share this to educate people who want to be into cab business.

Note : Earlier I have started this blog to help guys get started with Uber and Ola (as you can see in my logo at the top left). But after these kind of incidents I am forced to suggest you guys to think twice before attaching to Ola.

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  1. The same case happened with me too, my car completed 81 rides in a particular week for which I was qualified for 35000 MBG but what I got is that I have done some "Fraud". When I inquired I was shocked to know that "I am not supposed to know the details if I have done some fraud rides". I mean, WHAT THE F**K YAAR????? And that too this is the second case in a month.
    Then I switch my cab to Uber, it's my first day in Uber.

  2. Sorry to hear that. There is a way to check if any of your fraud caught by Ola.
    Go to this URL :
    Login with OTP.
    Select the range of date for which you wanna check for fraud.
    If you get any Red flag beside any of your ride, that will consider as fraud booking.

  3. Its really a nice website, I got it from quora. I have question. which is more profitable and easy to make trip in cities like delhi, banglore or mumbai?

  4. well if u consider profitability Uber is well ahead of Ola, but no. of trip wise yes you will get more trip in Ola.

  5. hey thanx for the good work done. I wanted to put my car in ola but after what i have read in the above blog made me think about it, well even made me confused again whether to go with ola or uber I reside in mumbai and trying my hands in this thing for a first time it will be great help if you will suggest me the bestest i can get out of this and with which should I go ???? thanx for advance will be waiting for the reply.....

  6. hi, i am planning to attach my car with uber in Mumbai, which car is better petrol or diesel


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