Uber Incentive Plan for Pune | April 2017

Uber Incentive Plan for Pune 

Dear ***** Special EARNING based incentive on UBER for your vehicle *******. 

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a) Get Rs. 4800 NMG for Rs. 2800 Fare [2120 Earnings]
b) Get Rs. 4000 NMG for Rs. 2200 Fare [1666 Earnings]
c) Get Rs. 3100 NMG for Rs. 1800 Fare [1363 Earnings]
d) Get Rs. 2300 NMG for Rs. 1400 Fare [1060 Earnings]
e) Get Rs. 1800 NMG for Rs. 1100 Fare [833 Earnings]
f) Get Rs. 1300 NMG for Rs. 700 Fare [530 Earnings]
g) Get Rs. 700 NMG for Rs. 400 Fare [303 Earnings]

**For latest incentive plan please contact your local Uber Office.

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Let me make some terms that Uber Pune using clear to everyone.
NMG is first introduced here which basically expanded to Net Minimum Guarantee.

What is Net Minimum Guarantee ?

Lets take this example; Suppose you collected a fare of 1800 on a day. As NMG for 1800 is 3100, you will get 3100. No Uber fee is applicable on this.
So extra amount you should get into your account is 3,100 - 1,800 = 1,300

It doesn't look very appealing to me.
Lets compare this with Bangalore plans.
The corresponding plan, lets take : d) Get Rs. 5000 BG for Rs. 1450 earnings
For 1,450 earning you have to take trip fare of 1,934.

5,000 x 75.69% = 3,784 (Since its BG, Uber fee & service tax needed to be excluded)
3,784 - 1934 = 1,850 is the amount credited into your account.

Well if you see the fare difference between 1,934 and 1,800 is not much. But difference in incentive is 550. It seems Uber is not having very good time in Pune.

ACCEPTANCE RATE more than 85%.
Earnings = Fare - UBER FEE & Service Tax & Toll.

NOTE: DAILY EARNING is amount shown on GREEN BAR in EARNINGS tab. T&C Apply.

Day starting now at 4AM.

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  1. Hi Nihar,

    I wish to invest by Attaching a new Swift Dezire in Pune (Hire a diver). Considering the new incentive plans for Pune, what is your opinion on how much return I will get in a month?

  2. Hello Nihar,

    Can you please explain what is BG mentioned in the above post ?

  3. I have read your article give us proper information how to attach car with ola and uber without any problem.
    Want to earn more from ola and uber and how to cut off maintenance work of your car


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