App Update | Uber Will Alert Drivers When They're Speeding, Drowsy, or Driving Poorly

This cool update says : Drive safely … Uber is watching you...

How to know if you are driving safely in Uber? Uber says : Well we got it...

The ride-hailing giant recently announced a new app features that will track its drivers’ speed, braking and acceleration as part of an initiative focused on road safety.

It will also track driving time thereby suggesting need of sleep / rest to its drivers.

Essentially, when your Uber driver goes too fast or brakes suddenly, the app will tattle.

“We have a team of engineers dedicated to predicting, preventing and reducing the number of crashes on the road,” Uber wrote in a blog post. “Today, along with all our partners, we’re excited to announce four new safety pilots to improve rider and driver safety.”

In the coming weeks, drivers in different cities will see the following updates to their apps: daily reports on their driving patterns and suggestions on how to drive better, an in-app notification that tracks their’ speed in real time, reminders on the importance of taking breaks from driving and messages informing drivers that mounting their phone on their dashboard is safer than holding it.

The company went into more detail on its engineering blog. Uber uses GPS technology to track a driver’s speed and extrapolates acceleration and braking data from that information, the company wrote. Using passenger feedback, Uber then singles out driving patterns indicated as unsafe.

As The Wall Street Journal points out, technology that tracks driver behavior isn’t new. Progressive offers Snapshot, a device that plugs into a car and is supposed to help good drivers get better insurance rates. An American startup Zendrive also uses smartphones to track driver behavior, helping companies monitor their fleets of drivers.

But it remains to be seen whether Uber drivers will appreciate turning their phones into Mother or say Big Brother.

Uber told The Media that for now drivers won’t face repercussions for poor driving, but said that’s an option the company may explore in the future which something should worry a Uber Driver Partner.

I personally heartily welcome this initiative of Uber as it will help to keep the road safer. 

One thing that is bothering me is How it will use these data in the future to rate its Driver partners, which is very unlikely though.

Here are the two notification for reference of our readers :
Over Working notification that my Driver got Last week
He worked for more than 12 Hours
This is the notifications that my driver is getting as
Brakes and acceleration feedback


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